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AMN Level 2 Practitioner

This Level of Certification goes deeper into the inner workings of the body and looks at some of the more complex structures that can cause movement related problems and be involved in chronic pain.

This course is where we really work on mastering the hands-on techniques of the AMN system. We term this process, Calibration.

At this stage we’re still looking primarily at the volitional motor system, but we also start to draw in investigation of deeper structures such as the internal organs and hormones. 

Mastery of this level will allow you to start being incredibly effective at resolving pain in people who have had historical issues for years.

Course Curriculum

Anatomy and Theory

Take your knowledge beyond the confines of mechanical based anatomy and learn how truly interconnected the brain, body and exteroceptive systems are. You shall also gain unique insight into the bioelectrical and piezoelectric nature of the body, the fundamental communication network of water, collagen and electrical charge

Master Folder

Each level of the AMN education provides the practitioner with processes to assess the brain and body from specific reference points. The master folder offers a step by step method to assess the physiology form the reference points of the Motor (M1) and Somatosensory (S1) cortices. Multiple systems, from the viscera to the fascia are considered as possible dysfunctional zones which may reduce the brains ability to effectively predict and control the body moving. 


The Temperomandibular Joint holds local and global bio-mechanical and systemic influence over the function of the body. It is imperative to include a thorough screening process for this area and be able to correlate local dysfunction to distant parts the body. Normalising the nervous systems interaction with the TMJ can resolve cervical, shoulder lumbo-pelvic issues and more.


Movement related dysfunctions can be driven from many levels. The viscero-somatic screen allows the practitioner to uncover precise dysfunctional relationships between the viscera and muscular system.


Reflexive connections between the neuroendocrine and muscular system exist and therefore must be considered when working with muscle imbalance, pain and dysfunction. The endocrine-somatic screen provides access to these associations via reflexive pathways. 


The cranial sutures are far from unrelated, motionless bones to the rest of the body. Erroneous tension within the cranio-facial structures can influence or be influenced by musculoskeletal dysfunctions from anywhere in the body due to fascial continuity.

Ventral Horn

The neuromuscular system monitors and responds to changes in length and tension within the muscular system. The ventral horn technique defines precisely which muscle compartment, neuromuscular receptor and spinal cord level is at the root of a pain or muscle imbalance complaint.


Proprioception is the amalgamation of the brains awareness of the static and dynamic position of the body in space. If faulty signalling is occurring, either at the conscious or unconscious level inefficient movement and increased injury risk ensues. The proprioceptive screen allows you to pinpoint the relationship between the brain and the neuromuscular system to resolve such issues.

Midbrain Analgensia

Several networks within and surrounding the brainstem are recruited by the brain to dull down the sensation of pain. One such pathway resides within the midbrain and can be preferentially stimulated vis a simple process to reduce, or in some cases completely eradicate pain sensation. The midbrain analgesia drill is one such tool that you will never want to be without. 

Advanced Creative Application

The AMN system is taught via a series of standardised screening and calibration protocols. This allows all students to learn the detail of the material providing a framework from which to investigate the body However, not all possible dysfunctions can be uncovered via a standardised screen. Sometimes we have to think ‘outside of the box’ and allow the combination of critical thinking and the feedback of the clients body guide us to the answers we’re looking for This is the premise of the ‘advanced creative application’ of the AMN system. 

Bonus Study Materials

Join your fellow students and the AMN teaching faculty for free, Live Virtual Study groups conducted every month that will help guide you through the application of the AMN Material. 

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