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Thailand Mastermind - Behind The Scenes

This Level 3 Mastermind Course builds on from the Level 3 Course Material with specific screens and applications that deal with more complex and compelling cases. 

Completion of this Mastermind Level is a prerequisite for attaining Master Practitioner Status.

Course Curriculum

S.Q.U.I.D Screen

  • Learn a mechanism to which our local and nonlocal environment interface with our biology
  • Understand the implications of the human body having a biological like superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID)
  • Understand the essence and application of DHA in supporting life
  • Understand how Bose-Einstein Condensates are vital to the existence of life
  • Learn how to effectively calibrate the SQUID apparatus using AMN calibrate techniques

Peripheral Inflammation

  • Understand the basic physiology of the inflammatory and anti-inflammatory reflexes, specifically the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Reflex 
  • Learn about the afferent (immune system to brain) and efferent (brain to immune system) activation of the vagus nerve in both inflammation and anti-inflammation 
  • Understand the potential anti-inflammatory stimulus of acupoints Gall Bladder 1 (GB1) and Stomach 36 (ST 36) 
  • Learn how to localise sustained, inappropriate or dysfunctional sites of peripheral inflammation and  associated pathways 
  • Learn to effectively piezo calibrate dysfunctional sites of peripheral inflammation via the AMN Anti-Inflammatory Reflex screen 

Advanced Calibration Techniques

  • Understand the basic premise of tapping modalities within a bioelectrical, piezoelectric model
  • Understand the role of voltage within the biology, both locally and globally 
  • Learn how to identify the appropriate form of calibration, tapping (AC) or direct sustained pressure (DC) in any client presentation, as well as other assessment priorities
  • Learn how to identify the location for an AC calibration 
  • Learn how to apply the correct duration and amplitude of an AC calibration 
  • Learn what a Direct Current (DC) calibration is and when to apply the calibration
  • Understand how to identify the location for a DC calibration 
  • Learn how to apply the correct duration and amplitude of a DC calibration

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